Leadership Structure

You could say that Jesus is the lead pastor of our church. We believe that Jesus is our true leader and head. We believe that Jesus provides his church with leaders who give their lives to serve and care for the church. Jesus gave the church a few offices to help structure leadership. First, we are lead by what we call elders or pastors. Second, we also have deacons who function in a lead servant role. Third, our members function as an office. We believe that membership at the church is an important commitment that comes with responsibilities to live out the "one anothers" of the faith and to be involved in the direction and decision making of the church.

Staff Pastors


bland mason, Lead Pastor

Bland and his wife, Teresa, planted City on a Hill Church, in Brookline, in 2010. He holds M.Div. and Ph.D. degrees from Southern Seminary, where he now serves as an adjunct professor. He has also taught courses at Gordon-Conwell and Midwestern seminaries. Bland and Teresa have been married 25 years and have the three kids - Jordan, Hannah, and Sarah. On the side, he volunteers with Baseball Chapel as chapel leader to the 2018 World Series Champion Boston Red Sox. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, exploring the Boston food scene, and reading in the areas of theology, philosophy and culture.

EM: bland@coahchurch.org

TW: BlandMason


Mike Hong, Pastor of Worship and Mission

As pastor of worship and mission, Mike oversees the discipleship of the church through the Sunday worship gatherings and leading musicians in the worship ministry. He also facilitates partnerships with outside organizations and ministries, which includes anything from local neighborhood non-profits to overseas ministries in other countries. 

A resident of the Boston area since 1999, Mike spent several years working with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Boston College before enrolling at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary in 2008 to pursue an M.Div. He joined City on a Hill's staff in the summer of 2011. Mike and his wife Tanya have two children, Alina and Mark. 

EM: mike@coahchurch.org

TW: WMHong


Lay Elders


Jeff Johnson, Lay Elder

Jeff and his wife Abby have been married for over 10 years and have a vibrant young daughter, Eliana. They started attending City on a Hill in the fall of 2012 after having moved around quite a bit. While they are both working professionals, their real passion is for building community and entering into the beautiful mess of real relationships.

EM: jeff@coahchurch.org

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Suny Liaw, Lay Elder

Suny moved to Boston in 2014 with his wife, Yen (who serves as our treasurer), and two boys, Isaac and Caleb. Suny serves as an attending physician at Children's Hospital in the palliative care area. Suny focuses his time as an elder by coaching community groups and teaching the occasional class. Suny became an elder in 2017.

EM: suny@coahchurch.org


Matt Harris, Lay Elder

Matt and his wife Sue (who's a deaconess at the church) have been married for over 35 years and became Christians a few years into their marriage. Having grown up in the Boston area, both of them came face to face with the true message of God's grace later in life. They have two grown children and three grandchildren. Matt is an engineer by training and currently a handyman by trade. Matt enjoys sailing, skiing, and hiking

EM: matt@coahchurch.org


Kaleb Chang, Lay Elder

Kaleb has been married to Celina since 2010. They have one child, Jesse, and own a home in Roslindale. Kaleb is a data specialist, and he previously served as a deacon at Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City. Kaleb became an elder in 2017, and he now serves at City on a Hill as an elder and community group coach.

EM: kaleb@coahchurch.org


Deacons and Staff


Ashley Williamson, Director of Operations

Ashley oversees the day to day operations of CoaH and is a point of contact for those who are in the CoaH community and those looking to get involved. Ashley moved to Boston from Texas in 2016 and began working at CoaH in 2017. She holds a Master of Social Work from Boston College. When she is not at work, she can be found reading, exploring new places, and spending time in the great outdoors. 

EM: ashley@coahchurch.org


Tyler Speck, Pastoral Associate & College director

As a Pastoral Associate, Tyler is responsible for overseeing CoaH’s college ministry, as well as aiding in other ministries around the church. After graduating from college with a degree in human resources he moved to Boston in hopes to eventually plant and pastor a church in the area. In May of 2019 he and Ashlan, a fellow CoaH member, got married. Currently he is pursuing a Master of Divinity degree from Southern Seminary. In his spare time Tyler likes to take pictures around New England, run, and go on walks with Ashlan and their dog, Chloe.

EM: tyler@coahchurch.org

Insta: Specktb

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Janie Mein, Director of CoaH Kids

Janie moved with her family from Charlottesville, VA in 2017 and quickly found a home at City on a Hill Brookline. She has always been passionate about serving children, but became even more so after having kids of her own. She longs to see the Gospel transform young lives. As the Director of CoaH Kids, she is responsible for overseeing all of the children's ministry. In her free time, she enjoys playing with her two kids, running, and cheering on UVA Basketball with her husband.

EM: janie@coahchurch.org


Shane Pratt, Technical Intern

Shane was born and raised in South Africa, but is the child of an American. After much prayer and deliberation, Shane moved to the US and got immediately plugged in with City on a Hill in 2014. Shane serves as our technical intern on top of managing a sweet youtube page

EM: shane@coahchurch.org


Steven Castello, Community Groups Director & Church Planting Resident

Steven is a church planting resident at City on a Hill Brookline and also serves as the Community Group Director, giving direction to CG Coaches and Leaders through equipping and training. He and his wife, Amy, have four daughters (Lily, Addisyn, Karis, and Amelie) and reside in Roslindale.

Steven has been in ministry since 2004 and came on staff at CoaH in Summer 2018. He holds a B.A. in Human Development and Family Studies from Samford University and is pursuing a M.Div from Birmingham Theological Seminary. He enjoys spending time with his family, reading, listening to music, and watching sports.

EM: steven@coahchurch.org

TW: @stevencastello