Times & Directions


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Sundays- 10am

27 Stedman St.
Brookline, MA

Free Parking:

  1. Parking is available in the Coolidge Corner School parking garage on Stedman Street, just look for our Parking Volunteers.

  2. Parking is also available along Stedman Street and Harvard Avenue, and is free on Sundays.

Children’s Ministry: 

  • Children Ministry is provided for ages 0-3rd grade.

  • Learn more about our children’s ministry here- CoaH Kids.

What You Can Expect At CoaH:

  • Expect a friendly, positive environment.

  • Gatherings usually last an hour and a half.

  • Eclectic worship style- ranging from gospel to folk to jazz and rock.

  • Expect contemporary songs and traditional hymns.

  • We’re sensitive to people from all faith backgrounds and upbringings.

  • The gathering also includes a sermon, communion, and a benediction. (Feel free to participate as much or as little as you like.)

  • Dress is casual, just be yourself. (You’ll see people in shorts and a t-shirt, and some in a blazer or dress!)