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Jesus is ____.

Who Jesus says he is is of utmost importance for the Christian faith. This 7 week series explores all of Jesus’ “I am” statements throughout the book of John and how they shed light on who God is, and how he relates to us.

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Together For Boston

Collaborating with 13 other churches in the greater Boston area, Together for Boston is a series that walks through what it looks like to be unified in the Gospel, united in our pursuit of the city, and united in being a catalyst for a gospel movement.


Wisdom For The Head & Heart

The Psalms and the Proverbs have some of the most emotional and practical passages in scripture. In this series we dive into the wisdom found in various passages across these two books



Ruth is a short book that has a big message. Not only is there a wonderful love story between two people, the whole book centers on God and how he restores those who look to him with hope.


The Cross

What happened on the cross is the most central event in the universe. Not in terms of time but in importance, impact, and purpose. In this six week series we dive into what actually happened on the cross and reflect on the day that changed everything.

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Being disciplined can sometimes feel like a burden more than something positive. Yet when it comes to disciplines, especially spiritual disciplines, it’s actually good for us. In this series we look at a variety of spiritual disciplines and how they’re not just good for us, but are used as a tool to bring us closer to the Lord.